This super easy tool makes images come alive to music! Click on the link above to go to a wikispace developed to leade you through using Animoto for instruction in your classroom.

Animoto "automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Fast, free and shockingly easy"
  • Videos up to 30 seconds are free for anyone to make (used 10-15 images).
  • Educators can apply for a free account, which allows you to make longer videos with more images. (This takes up to a week to be approved, so plan accordingly)

Here is an example of one put together by our Art teacher,

Below is a powerpoint that will walk you through using Animoto in your classroom. Click on the link and explore!

This page provides information and resources for using the Web tool, Animoto.

Remember you must create an Educator's Account - otherwise the only free videos you can create will be 30-second videos.

Sample Animoto Video - Created and Uploaded to YouTube via the Animoto Site

The Digital Classroom: Animoto for Education

Instructions for setting up your Animoto account and creating your video production.

The Digital Classroom Animoto View more documents from Steven Anderson.

How to Create Engaging Video Starters without Any Creative Talent Using Animoto

How to create engaging video starters without any creative talent using AnimotoPublish at Scribd or explore others: School Work Essays & Theses video Guidelines

Slideshare Tutorial for Using Animoto in the Classroom

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Using Animoto (and glogster and Wordle) to LEARN

ILearn Technology Blog: Using Animoto for Education

Sample Animoto Video

Do You Remember?: A Tribute to September 11th

Teacher Tube video tutorials for Animoto in the Classroom

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